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ReSound Zubehör B Ware: ReSound Telefonclip+ ReSound Zubehör B Ware: ReSound Telefonclip+
ReSound ReSound Phone Clip+
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resound accessories

Resound Smart 3D app

For the personalization of Resound One, Resound Enzo Q, Resound Linx Quattro, Resound Linx 3D and Resound Enzo 3D hearing aids, including tinnitus Management. The app can be free in the Google Playstore or Apple Store Loading.

resound smart app

To optimize Resound Linx, Resound Linx2, Resound Enzo, Resound Enzo2 and Resound up smart hearing aids including tinnitus management. The app can be in Google Playstore or Apple Store can be loaded free of charge.

resound relief app

Supported in the removal of symptoms that occur in tinnitus. Relaxation exercises and calming sounds will help you To hide tinnituston.

Resound Control App

With the Resound Control app you can use the programs of your hearing aids Change and regulate the volume individually and discreetly.

Resound Multi MIC

The Resound Multi Mic has a range of 25 meters and allows it Reinforcement of voices in a large meeting or in the lecture hall. She can place the microphone on the table or your conversation partner Ask to attach it to his clothes. You can also do yours Devices also connect with a ring loop, for example to To transfer radiotone to your hearing aids.

resound telephone clip+

The resound telephone clip transmits the tone of smartphones via Bluetooth Directly into the hearing aids. This gives you the option of your hearing aids to use as a hands -free system. The device allows the connection of two Telephony at the same time. So you can do the phone clip for your private and Use professional cell phone. Have you just stopped running the TV This and you can decide whether you want to withdraw or put on.

Resound TV Streamer 2

With the Resound TV Streamer 2 you can use your own volume Television, without this, feels disturbed. The television tone will Translated directly into your hearing systems and influences the general sound not. Transfer is possible up to seven meters.

resound remote control

The resound remote control allows you to the volume of your hearing aids To put louder and quieter at the push of a button or the devices entirely to turn off. The big keys make it easier to use. The resound remote control can also be used to set the volume on TV can be used.