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Hörluchs SOWEI Unlimited - The hearing protection for musicians and music fans

The SOWEI Unlimited is a custom-made hearing protection made of silicone. The linear alternating filters attenuate music evenly across all frequencies. This ensures brilliant music enjoyment and top sound in front of and behind the stage.

Scope of supply

  • Filter
  • Case
  • Page identifier
  • serial number
  • Cerumen loop
  • User information


Concerts, festivals, open airs and clubs are your living room. You love music every second: clear, honest and direct. Every nuance, every detail in the song is special to you. That's exactly why we developed the hearing protection:

The SOWEI UNLIMITED is the ideal hearing protection for music fans. Due to the exact fit and the special filter technology, you can enjoy music as it is. Clear and unadulterated sound enjoyment from the lows to the highs. This is made possible by the special Hörluchs HLM filters with linear attenuation over the entire frequency range. You can understand speech perfectly and your hearing is protected.

This hearing protection is made to fit precisely according to the impression of the ears. It is made of 100% 3D SOFT SILICONE (SOWEI = soft-soft). This means that it fits perfectly in any situation - whether you are dancing in the crowd or giving 100% on stage with a band.

Because all filters (except HLM10) have type approval in combination with the earmold, the SOWEI UNLIMITED can also be used in noise workplaces where a lot of communication is required. Optionally, this hearing protector can also be manufactured with a carrying handle and strap.

Linearity over the entire frequency range

You can choose from 5 linear HLM filters depending on your taste - just as you need it. The filters can be replaced later. They are sturdy, easy to replace and durable.

Unlike comparable filters from other manufacturers, they clean easily with water and mild soap. That means they don't have a fixed replacement interval.

The musical all-rounder

The SOWEI UNLIMITED hearing lox was developed specifically for music. From drummers to ensemble members, the hearing protection is an asset for every ear. As a concert-goer, festival-goer or security guard, you can enjoy the music as it is. On the dance floor, at the bar or behind the DJ booth in the club, you can have a normal conversation without having to sacrifice sound. Sound engineers, light jockeys and stage technicians are well protected in front of and behind the stage.


  • Comfortable to wear due to silicone
  • 5 different HLM interchangeable filters
  • Optimal sound enjoyment due to linear attenuation
  • 13 different colors to choose from, maximum two colors mixable in marble style
  • Optional handle and carrying handle
  • Excellent speech promise
  • Optimal ventilation of the ear tissue
  • Filter can be cleaned with mild soap and water

Optimal for:

  • Concerts and festivals
  • Bands and musicians
  • DJs
  • Concert security
  • Bar and club staff
  • Sound technicians
  • Lighting jockeys
  • Stage technicians

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