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Humantechnik Radio LISA Flashing Lamp - A-2415-0 / A-2416-0

Light Color: White - A-2415-0
169 €
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Humantechnik radio LISA flashing light

Humantechnik traffic light systems provide self-determined and barrier-free living for hearing-impaired and deaf people. When everyday signals, such as the doorbell ringing, cannot be heard, the traffic light system steps in. The signal is picked up by a transmitter and relayed to the available receivers. These signal the doorbell by light flash or vibration, depending on the receiver used. The traffic light systems can be expanded and extended by individual elements at any time.

Many health insurance companies subsidize traffic light systems if there is a legitimate reason for doing so. If you need information about this, just contact us or write a short mail. The Funk Lisa flashing light is a receiver of the Humantechnik system for the hearing impaired.

When a signal is received from the existing transmitters, it is indicated by:

  • a flashing light,
  • an audible signal, and
  • an LED light

Signal. Depending on which transmitter triggered the signal, the flashing light sequence varies. Who is the usual flashing light too bright, which will be pleased, because this flashing light is not comparable in intensity with the flashing light of many receivers. The acoustic signal tone is very powerful in its volume with up to 100 dB. An LED light also provides information about which of the transmitters has triggered the signal. You can operate the flashing light either with a power supply unit (recommended) or a 9 V block battery or rechargeable battery. The device does not require any further installation and is independent of the mains supply due to battery operation. We recommend the battery operation for the "mobile use" for example in the garden or in the cellar. This allows you to use the battery outdoors and recharge it indoors without the risk of accidentally connecting a battery-powered device to the power grid.

The Humantechnik Lisa flashing light has an additional connector for:

  • the vibration pad
  • the MA-1 acoustic module with additional amplification
  • the flash module MF-1 with strong light flash


  • Receiver for human technology radio light signaling system
  • Signaling by different flashing sequences
  • Additional indication of the transmitter by LED
  • Sound generator can be switched off
  • integrated personal call button
  • Range approx. 80 meters

Technical data:

  • Dimensions: 145 × 50 × 40 mm
  • Color: silver
  • Weight: 150 g
  • Help article number:

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Humantechnik radio flashing light
  • 1x stand
  • 1x plug-in power supply
  • 1x 9 V block battery


End customers are granted a warranty of 24 months (excluding batteries and rechargeable batteries). Warranty service includes free repair and free return shipping. The warranty is void in case of damage caused by improper handling and repair attempts by persons not authorized by Humantechnik (violation of the device seal).

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